100% Wool Hand-Made Khapol/Pakol/Chitrali Topi

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100% Wool Hand-Made Khapol/Pakol/Chitrali Topi

the colors are as follows, in the order of the first picture-




ember grey

charcoal grey

dark grey

natural black

reddish brown

clay brown

ash grey

mud brown

speckled grey 



beach sand 

These are new items, genuine and hand-made and hand-rolled in the famous Chitrali bazar in Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan by Chitrali artisans. The hats themselves originate in the Chitral region of modern day KPK in Pakistan with the Kho Dardic peoples residing there. These are made from wool and have a cloth lining. Apart from the colours of Black and White, these are all natural colours so shades may differ slightly to those pictured. One size fits all. For those with larger heads, these can be loosened by putting over a knee and pulling, rotating every so often. These are worn tightly rolled and loosely sat on the head, not pulled down too low or un-rolled ruining the roll and shape. If you wish to re-roll your hat, you can see a video of the rolling process here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdbkvOSs42M