Czech OPCH-05 Ventilated Chemical Protective Suit

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Ventilated chemical protective clothing OPCH-05 vz.95 ACR original

Fully hermetic pressurized clothing, providing a high degree of protection against life-threatening environments, containing chemicals of unknown composition in the liquid and gaseous phase, incl. aerosols, resistant to alkalis and acids. The OPCH-05 kit protects the specialist for up to eight hours from the war gases sarin, soman, VX and five hours from mustard gas.

The garment is designed as a one-piece jumpsuit with a hood. The coverall is closed with a built-in gas-tight zipper. Pants overalls are equipped with galoshes.

The filter ventilation unit is located on the back. From this unit, the filtered air is distributed through a distributor. Two shrink hoses are connected to the distributor. One supplies breathing air to the protective mask, the other supplies air to vent the garment to the undergarment. The air is blown into the distributor by means of a fan with its own voltage source. The solution of this garment is interesting, which allows the use of this garment both in the ventilated variant and in the non-ventilated variant. In the non-ventilated version, it is used with an isolating breathing apparatus.

    • 2x transport bag vz.95
    • suit
    • glove
    • suit repair kit
    • detailed instructions
    • Klimatex® underwear
    • brown underwear cooling suit
    • there are 14 unused NBC filters
    • OM-90 Mask not included
    • Boots not included



***For costume use only!!***

***OM-90 not included****