OF-90 NBC 40MM Nato Filter

OF-90 NBC 40MM Nato Filter

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Made in Czech Republic

NSN: 4240-16-001-8255

The OF-90 NBC combination filter complies with the requirements of standards EN 14387:2004+A1:2008.

In combination with a suitable chemical protective mask, the OF-90 NBC filter forms a perfect protection of the individual against organic gases and vapours of organic substances with a boiling point > 65 °C, inorganic gases and vapours, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride and other acid gases and vapours. Other chemical substances and their compounds are listed on the website of SIGMA Výzkumný a vývojový ústav, s.r.o. (Research and development institute). The particulate filter part of the combination filter removes harmful solid and liquid particles, biologically solid and liquid aerosols, radioactive aerosols, dusts, bacteria and viruses from the passing air

The OF-90 NBC filter can be used in the army, police and special rescue units, fire brigades, employees of different industries, also for vulnerable population in adjacent areas and last but not least, in hospitals and laboratories.

The OF-90 NBC filter is non-metallic and non-magnetic.

10 years shelf life


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