We are a small business, and not Amazon. Orders usually ship in 3-5 Business days, however when we have large influxes of orders, this could be 7-10.

When selecting shipping, you may see a priority option which says “2 day shipping.” This refers to shipping time after the order is fulfilled. The shipping price, and time given are set by the USPS and not us. This does not mean the order will arrive to you within 2 days.

Thank you for all of your support, especially in times like these where it is difficult to operate a small business. You all allow us to support several people and their families, and we do so while having as low as prices as we can afford. If you have a customer service request,

Please reach out via email (help@kruschiki.com). We may not respond immediately, as again we do not have a full time customer service department, and we get a lot of messages. If it’s been several days since you messaged, please ping us again! It helps keep us accountable.

Thank you again for your continued support and we strive to provide the best service, prices, and military surplus gear that is out there.

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